Vedic Science Behind Acupressure

Saints have predicted that during the impending World War lll, lakhs of people will die due to nuclear radiation. In future, natural calamities will also be on the rise. During an adversity, the communication breaks down. It becomes difficult to take patients to a hospital, contact some doctor or buy medicines.

Through Acupressure therapy and Reflexology, a patient is treated by applying pressure to specific pressure points. These methods eliminate obstacles in the flow of chetana-shakti in the patient’s body. These methods of treatment will be helpful not only during emergencies but at other times too; for, they will make everyone self-sufficient and confident.

  • Flow of Chetna within the body and pressure points: There is a constant flow of chetana in our body similar to the flow of electric current. Just like the wire and switch in an electrical circuit, there are paths of chetana flow and specific points (similar to switches) in circuit of the flow of chetana. By applying pressure to these points, the flow of chetana in our body can be controlled. These points are called pressure-points,and are associated with specific organs in the body.
  • Diseases are caused due to obstacles in the path of Chetna: Whenever there are obstacles in the flow of chetana,which always keeps flowing, problems arise in the functioning of the organs that leads to diseases. In most cases it is the inappropriate diet and inappropriate habits that bring about obstacles in the function of chetana.
  • Acupressure eliminates the products in the path of Chetna, which results in elimination of the disease: God has created an amazing system of curing diseases in the human body without the aid of medicines. Upon applying pressure to the specific points that control the flow of chetana, an immediate signal is sent to the brain for elimination of the disease. Accordingly, the entire body begins to function on its own to remove the obstacles in the flow of chetana, and the disease is cured.
  • Acupressure and Relaxology: In Acupressure therapy,pressure-points on the entire body are used for diagnosing and treating a disease. Reflexology is very much a branch of Acupressure therapy. The only difference is that in Reflexology the pressure-points on the palms and soles are used for diagnosis and treatment. Reflexology is also known as ‘Zone therapy’.